Painting on the rooftop of The Majlis Ga
Window of the Group Show, Clarendon Fine
Picking up the last of my small stretche

"My work is a collage of different elements and senses weaved together by my imagination to create one landscape."


Michael's work has been described as expressive, bordering on abstract but with the landscape ever present in his large and impactful paintings.

He works with a vibrant array of mixed media including acrylic, pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink, building an expressive and vital world of colour and light with multiple layers and textures on canvas.

He regularly paints on location, which he finds influences his palette because the colours of the landscape are so immediate and bright. Working outside also has an impact on the final composition, with the piece becoming more representative.  Painting in the studio tends to result in more abstract work.  

Michael creates a portfolio of photographs and sketches as well as committing the colours and quality of light to memory before returning to this studio.

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Michael grew up on the Suffolk coast in England, citing the ever-changing views of the North Sea as a huge influence on his young mind.  He went on to study art and art history at the University of Lancaster and although painting was a huge part of his life from the beginning, he started to 'reluctantly' climb the corporate ladder, eventually settling in Paris working as a Global Director for a large French beauty company.  This role involved extensive travel and the extremely creative organisation continued to feed his mind with ideas and inspiration that were to grease the creative mill.

In 2010 Michael decided it was time to quit the corporate life and focus full time on painting.  He has never looked back.

Michael lives and works primarily at his home in the South West of France with his husband, Lee.  Together they run The 1500, a boutique hotel, where they host regular painting retreats.  Michael also continues to travel extensively as a source of inspiration.

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Announcing my inaugural solo show with Clarendon Fine Art, Mayfair, London - coming this May & June

Majlis Gallery Catalogue
The Hackett Show, Dubai






Landscapes, The 1500, France

Landscapes, The Oberoi Centre, Dubai

Desert Heat, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

Horsing Around, Chapel Gallery, Tunbridge Wells

British Polo Day, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Dubai



Tulum Inside Out, Tulum, Mexico


Genesis, Clarendon Fine Art, London


Chateau de Vigiers, SW France

Park Hyatt, Dubai


Chateau de Vigiers, SW France



The New Orientalists, Majlis Gallery, Dubai

British Polo Day, London

Hackett, Dubai


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